La Ferme de la Goursaline

La Ferme de la Goursaline is a 3.3-hectare estate that has had several owners. Originally, the main building was a holiday accommodation. In 2009, a blended family moved there with the desire to reconnect with nature. One day the opportunity arises to buy the adjacent agricultural land on which they develop a saffron farm hence the name « La Cabane du Safran ». It is with great gratitude that we benefit today from the fruit of their work whether it is the harvest of our apples or our charming little log cabin. In 2013, they decided to leave the Goursaline to settle in a village a few kilometers away.

That same year, Benjamin Broustey came to settle. He then developed an experimental farm project in permaculture and hosted many internships known as his design office « Permaculture Design ». Until 2019, nearly 700 plants have been planted that now offer us abundant harvests. By dint of spontaneous regeneration strategies, the place has regained more fertility. Over the years, biodiversity has developed which makes it a privileged place for the observation of nature where the wild keeps a primordial place. It is also a place to discover new practices for managing a space that produces food and useful products (aesthetics, medicinal, firewood, woodwork, etc.) but also water, energy and waste management or eco-constructions.

Since the summer of 2019, Olivia and David are now the happy owners of this place and little by little the family is growing: chickens, ducks, some sheep and two pigs have taken up residence at La Goursaline, and this is just the beginning!

The farm spans several areas and multiple levels. The private area includes the house (main building) and is located on the lower part of the farm. It is surrounded by trees and vegetation, a cabin and a pyre and not far away are the vegetable garden and the chicken coop.

Going up into the chestnut coppice, there is a small log chalet , one of the cottages that enjoys a particularly well insulated and cool setting since it is covered by trees.

It is at the top of the coppice that the yurt is hidden at the edge of the forest and offers guests a peaceful setting. At dawn or dusk, provided you are discreet, all kinds of wild animals can be observed: deer, roe deer, wild boar, hares, badgers and of course many species of birds. Next to the yurt is a forest garden being redeveloped, where the goal is to grow as many perennials as possible. Campers will also find sanitary facilities. On this same level is the prettiest viewpoint of the property, where visitors can witness magnificent sunsets.

A few more meters to arrive at the high plateau, area in reforestation that shelters our sheep and pigs. At night, in this spot, when the sky is clear, it is the stars and the Milky Way that make their show and it is without counting the showers of shooting stars whose peak activity is in August.